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About 6 months ago, while attending a Jeremy Camp/Toby Mac concert, Hannah and I decided to sponsor a child through Compassion.  We were given a packet of information to fill out and in that packet was a picture of Noelia Arely Sorto Gomez, an eight year old girl from El Salvador.  Our card gave us a few details about Noelia: she lives with her parents and 4 siblings, her father is sometimes employed while her mother maintains the home, she likes playing with dolls, and she attends school where her performance is average.  By becoming a sponsor we were making a commitment to make a small financial donation each month and to also stay in contact with Noelia through letters.  Sponsors are encouraged to stay in touch with their sponsored children because it helps the child to know that someone is praying for them and thier family.  However, Hannah and I have found that we are the ones who are encouraged by what this little eight year old girl writes to us.  In recent letters she speaks very little of herself: 

“I greet you in the name of the Lord, hoping you are in good health……I am happy and excited of what you told me that you take care of children.  You must love the children very much.  I know that you love me too.  I think of you. ……Please pray for my brother, so that he will not get sick…….With much love, Noelia”

 “I greet you with much love.   I wish success in your daily activities.  I wish you are fine with all the ones who round you.  I am very good of health.  Only my brother is a little bit sick. Please pray for him so God heals him soon.  I always pray for you so God keeps you wherever you are.  Where do you live?  Does it snow or rain? I’ll pray for you.  Until soon, Noelia”

The thought of Noelia praying for Hannah and I is amazing to me.  We are supposed to be her sponsors yet I feel that we benefit just as much if not more from the sponsorship than she does.  I would encourage any of you who are thinking of child sponsorship to consider Compassion