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Much of what we discuss on these pages has to do with giving.  Giving of all resources, but often we discuss financial giving to worthy organizations.  With a presidential election looming just a couple of weeks away I thought it would be interesting to see what the candidates are giving and who they are giving to.  It should be noted that in the numbers shown below, Barack and Michelle Obama file joint tax returns while John and Cindy McCain file separately.  The income for the Obama’s is for both Mr. and Mrs. Obama, much of which was book earnings from Mr. Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope.  In comparison, the Obama’s 2006 earnings were just under $1 million.  The income for Mr. McCain is his income only.  Cindy McCain has not released all of her tax information but portions released show that she earned an additional four million dollars in 2007. 

                                                                                Obama                                          McCain

2007 Adjusted Gross Income            $4,139,965                                $386,527

Charitable Gifts                                               $240,370                                   $105,467

Percentage of Income                                        5.8%                                           27.3%

Obama’s Charitable Causes Supported in 2007:  United Negro College Fund ($50,000), CARE ($35,000), Trinity United Church of Christ ($26,270), The Rochelle Lee Fund ($10,000), AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth and Families ($5,000)

McCain’s Charitable Causes Supported in 2007:  Operation Smile ($25,000), The HALO Trust USA ($25,000), Craniofacial Foundation ($10,000), School of American Ballet ($5,000), Scottsdale Christian Academy ($5,000)

Source: Tax Returns of candidates/opensecrets.org/world magazine