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A few observations from President Obama’s inauguration today.

– The United States does this transition thing really well!  We are really good at coming together only a couple months after a brutal campaign and at least pretending to get along. 

–  No matter what your political pursuasion is, it is a great accomplishment for the United States that an African American man was sworn in as President.  We have come a long way in a short time. 

– I was proud of Pastor Rick Warren for being man enough to pray in the name of Jesus.  We need more Christian leaders like him.

– President Bush has aged way too much in 8 years. 

– Why did they pick one of the smallest ladies at the event to push Vice President Cheney in his wheelchair?

– Aretha Franklin is not a good singer anymore.

– I’m no fashion expert, but Michelle Obama’s green gloves looked kind of funny with her gold outfit.

– I liked former President George H.W. Bush’s fuzzy hat.

– I wonder who felt the most resentment at having to attend.  John McCain or Hillary Clinton?

–  President Bush and Laura Bush are genuinely nice people.  It was obvious that they have formed a close relationship with the Obama’s. 

– Ballots do work better than bullets.