Hannah and I have looked into a workout program recently that you’ve probably heard of.  It’s called P90X.  Anyone that I hear talk about using it talks about how difficult it is but if you stick with it for 90 days, “It’s life (and body) changing!”  I’m usually somewhat skeptical of these types of things and don’t want to waste my money so I was hoping a find a bootlegged version online.  After searching for all of about 3 minutes I lost interest and had pretty much forgotten about it.  This all happened about a month ago.

Yesterday, while scrolling down my home page on Twitter I noticed a new tweet by Gayle Wiese saying that she had just finished day 82 of B90X.  I had never heard of this B90X so I thought I would check it out.  Come to find out it’s not any sort of normal workout program, although I’m sure it’s “life changing”.  B90x is a reading program in which you read the Bible in it’s entirety in 90 days.  Pretty lofty goal! I’m going for it and am much more excited about it than I ever would be with just another workout program.  I have finished day one, Genesis 1:1 – 16:16.  I plan to complete the program.  Hold me accountable.