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God continues to call His best and His brightest to work in the inner city.  This past weekend a young family in Pennsylvania loaded all of their earthly belongings into a moving truck, said goodbye to friends and family and began the two day cross-country trek to inner city Saint Louis to serve as missionaries with World Impact.

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Jordan and Kathryn King, along with their five month old son Mason, to our team in Saint Louis.  Over the last year we have gotten to know them and the calling that God has placed on their hearts to serve among the urban poor.  Their desire to serve is evident and their willingness to follow God’s call is encouraging.

For the last several years Kathryn has served in various roles at World Impact’s Harmony Heart Camp in Pennsylvania.  During that same time Jordan has worked as a family counselor in the Scranton area and also helped around the camp when available.  We are anxious to see how God chooses to use their gifts to impact His Kingdom in the city.

Please pray for Jordan and Kathryn as they settle into their new home.  Pray for a smooth transition, for peace and protection, and for quick and easy relationships with their neighbors.  Pray for their need for additional financial support as they continue to seek partners who will support their ministry.  Most importantly, pray that God will use Jordan and Kathryn and the example of their family to build and bring glory to His Kingdom.