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The following post was written by World Impact missionary Adria Medlen.  As we face the brokenness of the city we celebrate in knowing that we serve a God who has conquered death and breathes new life into all who believe in Him.  

One less. As we made a right-hand turn onto Grand Boulevard in front of our ministry building, there were
remnants of the crime scene from the night before. White ash dotted the black asphalt where the flares
had warned off traffic. Crime-scene tape hung without purpose, now that the light of day had brought
back regular activity. One less. The thought of there being one less person in the world, in our neighborhood,
weighed heavily on me (Adria) as we rounded the corner, our day proceeding as usual. For another
family, this loss of life will leave a gaping hole that will make it impossible for this to be another day as usual,
and for one forty-year-old man an eternal destiny, of either life or death, has been decided.

No doubt there will soon be a memorial erected on a sign or light pole beside the street, flowers and teddy
bears marking the loss of his life. We see it many times here in the city, pillars of stuffed animals charting an
all too familiar path, winding its way through city streets toward eternity; violence abruptly ushering souls
from their bodies, some prepared to meet their Savior, and some not. If I let myself dwell on it, pain tightens
my chest. Too many, Lord. Too many lives lost in life and in death.

Death and brokenness are daily realities in the city. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but I find both anguish
and mercy for those of us who remain. The loss of life will always bring pain, but facing it regularly
keeps us focused on the frailty of life. Death provides an urgency that usually wanes in our complacent
hearts. As followers of Christ we are here with a purpose, one that we must not take lightly. There are lives
that hang in the balance.

With the prevalence of death in the city, it is easy to let discouragement creep in; but this month as we celebrate
the death and resurrection of our Lord, I am reminded that we serve a God who conquered death.
He is a living God, with the power to breathe His resurrection into any and all who accept it. What a gift of
freedom for the city, locked in the bonds of death and brokenness! Ministry in the city can feel daunting at
times, but Christ’s freedom and power are unleashed in the world
through His people. This is why the only answer in the face of death
and brokenness is to invest in the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

I cannot reach everyone, but if I disciple even two people who each
disciple two people, who each disciple two more, we will soon have
the resurrection power of Christ rushing through the city streets.
Churches of the lost, who now are found, will multiply with eternal
force bringing the hope and freedom and healing and power of our
Savior. This is our prayer; this is our mission.

Praise God, death has no hold on us in Christ! He has risen!